211116 We are going to AAPA Lation Cartagena 2021

Visit us AAPA Lation Cartagena 2021 in between November 29 to December 1!

The AAPA Latino is the annual meeting of the Latin American port leadership par excellence, where the most representative players of the field present and discuss both current and future projects in the industry.

In the process of port facilities and logistical terminals there are several high risk zones where fires or dust explosions can occur. Firefly offers many Spark Detection and Quick Suppression solutions to protect processes that include loading/unloading, conveyors, chutes, elevators, filters and silos.

Firefly's fire preventive expert Raúl Moreno will be on site to show our latest news in preventive fire protection within the industry of port facilities and logistical terminals.

Read more on our fire prevention and protection solution within the Port Industry: https://firefly.se/en/solutions/port-facilities

Read more on the show: https://aapalatinoamerica.com/es/

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